Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

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You have arrived here because you are seeking to amp up your wellness journey. I commend you for both taking control of your health and having the confidence to seeking help navigating the waters!


Meet Your Coach

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach

I am a Health and Nutrition Life Coach who has been serving the Titusville and surrounding areas since 2016. The nearly 40 years that I have spent coaching people to help improve their overall health and wellness has taught me that there is no single answer or solution for everyone. Coaching provides me with the opportunity to show people that wellness doesn’t have to be complicated. It also rewards me with the joy of seeing someone achieve a goal and get the fire in their eyes to go further.

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In Person and Remote Services

You will meet with your coach to discuss your current lifestyle and fitness goals. Together, you will come up with an actionable plan. You will progress through programs that utilize bodyweight, kettlebells, resistance bands, sandbags, free weights to improve your body’s stability, correct postural issues and build muscle. You will work with your coach each session and provide real time feedback to drive constant improvement.

In a remote scenario, you will leverage your local fitness facility or your body to achieve your desired results.

A challenging multi station session designed to scorch calories while improving cardiovascular performance and build muscle.

A macro based approached to improving your nutritional profile while continuing to enjoy your relationship with food. You will learn the benefits of meal prepping and developing healthy eating habits.

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